I am Andreas, a developer turned entrepreneur.

I love building companies, products and teams. I'm deeply committed to guiding individuals away from technical pitfalls and towards crafting superior products. As a firm believer in data & knowledge sharing, you’ll regularly find me working on open-source projects and speaking at conferences.


Salvaging an unmanaged legacy application by ethical hacking

Full Stack Europe 2023

In this talk, I explain how we used ethical hacking techniques to break into an unmanaged legacy application for a customer. The developer of the mission-critical application went missing while leaving no documentation behind — a real story from the trenches.

Product Marketing from an engineer's perspective

The 5th Conference 2020

Ever wondered how to use NPS to prioritize your marketing tech roadmap, Why support is your best marketing tool and what the difference is between Customer centric vs customer driven?

Transforming Legacy into Success by Andreas Creten

Product Management Festival 2018

They say that if you’re not embarassed by your first version, you’re doing it wrong. Well when you’re selling DIY space shuttle kits it turns out it’s a bit more complicated.


Technical Due Diligence 101

VC Whale Academy

A workshop for VC associates and analysts on how we conduct technical due diligence. I explain them our process, the pillars we focus on, and how to interpret the report.

The ins and outs of Technical Due Diligence

AND& Connect

An highly interactive workshop for startup founders in which I unveil the intricacies of the process. As a seasoned CTO who has audited 100+ start- and scale-ups, I am the perfect guide to navigate founders in the process with confidence and success.


Refactoring in Product Teams

Legacy Code Rocks, January 2023

Product teams are scared of technical debt and refactoring. They press on to make something new, not to question what they have already created. However, the urgency to deliver new products carries the risk of technical debt.