I am Andreas, a developer turned entrepreneur.

I love building companies, products and teams. I'm deeply committed to guiding individuals away from technical pitfalls and towards crafting superior products. As a firm believer in data & knowledge sharing, you’ll regularly find me working on open-source projects and speaking at conferences.

These ventures get my attention.

  • madewithlove

    madewithlove is headquartered in Belgium, but takes pride in employing a diverse team spread out over the world. We don’t take country borders into account when searching for talent, as we strongly feel that a team composed of different cultures and views is a key strength for an Internet company.


  • Pizzabol

    Bringing Napoli style pizza to your kitchen oven. The dough makes the pizza. So with our freshly made, long fermented, quality dough you have everything in your hands for the ultimate light, airy and crispy pizza experience at home. Deep frozen and always ready to become the best pizza you ever had.


  • Via madewithlove

    Smooth Sailing

    Smooth Sailing helps software start-ups with design, product management and research. We design great, user-tested software that stands the test of time.


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    Starting a company is one thing, growing it into a booming business is another. You’ll face different operational challenges that require effective management. Operativo helps you manage your business operations.


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    Outstanding presentations, to the pixel. The presentation tool that combines creativity with simplicity... and a bit of magic. Ludus is an advanced presentation tool for creative professionals. It's like Sketch and Keynote had a baby in the cloud.


  • Transferred


    In the world of website development and content management, efficiency and automation are key. The WordPress Command Line Interface – or WP-CLI – is a powerful tool that can help you streamlines tasks and manage WordPress websites more effectively.


  • Investment


    At Jump, we're not just transforming sustainable mobility; we're revolutionizing it with the power of data. We forge impactful partnerships with local businesses in developing countries, harnessing the strength of data-driven decision-making


  • Investment


    Radically innovating the television production content chain. TinkerList is a content management system that streamlines the production workflow of television making.


  • Exited


    Addapp was born out of a need to create context in the ever-evolving world of wearable technology and tracking devices. Nowadays, millions of us track our steps, sleep, nutrition and much more. The problem is, the data generated from this tracking only tell half the story. We use a data-driven, and science-backed, approach to give you the complete story and create an app that will truly help you live better.